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Interesting Facts About These 5 Low Profile Footballers That You Didn’t Know About


It is a well known fact that football players are swooned in the eyes of the public, blocked by paparazzi everywhere they go, looked up to as fashion icons, following the likes of David Beckham and Lionel Messi. But what about the ones who shun the limelight the minute they step out of the field? Here are five footballers we bet you didn’t know much about.

  1. Edvin Van Dersar


The former Dutch professional footballer who is known as one of the best goal-keepers of his times, chose a career in marketing post his retirement rather than the usual route of coaching which is expected out of every football player. The Dutchman told Marketing Week: “A lot of people asked me why I didn’t become a goalkeeping coach but where is the challenge in that? There isn’t one, I could do it way too easily. I wanted to stretch myself and learn something entirely new. I could have made lots of money being a club ambassador at United and getting jet legged while endorsing beer but I wanted to aim for something different.”


  1. Jérôme Boateng


The World Cup winner has never let success get to his head, and not only has he won the most prestigious prize in football, but he takes the public bus as well. During an interview with ESPN he says, “It’s always, like, people remind me of [winning the World Cup]. I don’t think about it so much, but when you meet people, especially in Germany, it was crazy. You meet somebody on a bus or something and they say, ‘Thank you for the World Cup, it was so good to see,’ and stuff like this, it’s funny.”


  1. Paul Scholes

Glasgow Rangers FC v Manchester United - UEFA Champions League

Arguably the greatest midfielder this generation has ever seen, Paul Scholes has maintained a low profile throughout the span of his career. Despite his exceptional talent, he has always kept his feet on the ground, making him one of the most respected players in the game today.


  1. Darren Barr Fletcher


The Scottish professional footballer who plays a central midfielder for Stoke City admits to not being in sync with social media. In an interview he says, “Social media plays a permanent part in football and other sports – especially in football. Personally, I do not know how the other lads do it going on Twiter and Instagram and all that. It is not something for me. But everyone has got an opinion now and bandwagons go a lot quicker, things happen and people are constantly commenting.”


  1. Lucas Piazon


Another player who does not fit the profile of an insta-famous footballer is the 22-year-old Lucas Piazon. Even having won the hearts of many female fans, he maintains a low profile life. How does he do that? Off the field, the player who has already played in Spain, Holland, Germany and England, says he prefers to go to restaurants, cinemas and family events. He never gets involved in any kind of scandals.


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