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Stepping Into A Twenty Something Relationship After The Teen Ones

In that moment when you enter your twenties and bid adieu to those old goodie teenage years, not only are you in for a memorable and crazy decade ahead but also for a drastic change in your relationship patterns. It won’t be the ‘holding hands, prom perfect, PDA’ kinda relationships any more, but instead the ‘emotionally stable, supportive’, kinda relationships. And here is how you will know.

His Looks Wouldn’t Be A Major Factor To Date

Of course looks matter. Who doesn’t want to wake up to a handsome face every morning? But this is when you finally grow up. It won’t be the sole criteria of your man’s attractiveness. You’ll find yourself adoring his skills, habits, opinions much more than his simple good looks.

Distance Wouldn’t Lead To Insecurity

So you both have busy work schedules and haven’t seen each other since weeks, yet it doesn’t make you go crazy. Sounds familiar? Hell yeah, say goodbye to petty insecurity issues! You wouldn’t be beating yourself up wondering if this would affect your relationship, because in your heart you know that he is as understanding towards your commitments as you are towards his.

You’d Know How To Differentiate Between A Keeper And A Jerk

He has explained it to you as to why he was cheating on his last girlfriend and still manages to have a solid explanation when you got hold of his current messages/emails to another chick? Thanks to your dating history and experience of all these years you are now fully aware of the tricks and tactics. You would no more bend over backwards to give men chances they don’t deserve.

Parent’s Opinions Would Be Important

Unlike before, when you’d say, “I don’t care what you think about him, he makes me feel special”, you’d be more open to your parent’s judgements since you realize they are more experienced and want nothing but the best for you.

You’d Not Be Scared If He Hangs Out With Your Girlfriends

Let’s just admit it that it’s always scarier for a girl to see her boyfriend fall for her friend instead of a random girl at the bar. Well, whether it’s the former or the latter, these worries don’t trouble you anymore because you trust him and are aware that he loves you for your own qualities that aren’t present in any of those girls.

You Don’t Make Him Your Entire World

Albeit you love spending time with him, you make sure that he is not the only constant thing on your mind. You indulge in your hobbies, work, social life, as much as you indulge in your relationship.

Having The Courage To Walk Out

If you feel the relationship has ceased to contribute to your growth or happiness, you aren’t afraid to end it on good terms, no matter how painful it is. You realize that not everything is meant to stay just because you want them to.

Making The Right Compromises

If there’s anything you learn from the relationships in your twenties, is selflessness. In one line -Knowing when to put his happiness in front of yours and when not to. So you don’t really mind making decisions that might not be the best fit for you, but would make him immensely happy.

You Aren’t Embarrassed To Talk To Your Partner About Your Sex Life

Whether it’s about trying out new positions or new places for sex, it’s not a conversation you have to rehearse out before going live. You are at ease and don’t have to worry about awkward judgements.

Respecting Your Relationship With Yourself

You know your needs and love yourself more than the guy. You aren’t waiting for him to take charge and bring happiness in your life or for him to take care of you, because you Atta Girl have it figured already. That’s when you know that you are completely independent to have a healthy relationship.



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